Michael Pelz

C++ Business Cards Limited edition business cards that are printed only once. Games available: Snake, Rogue

Flying Freddy! Android Game - Youtube
Quick little variation I made based off of the Birthday Game. This is a basic 1 dimensional game that appears 2 dimensional, removing overlaps with another pool, and added several other features.

Birthday Game! Unity C# - Birthday Game (WebGL build for iPhone) Itch.io
Source Code - GitHub
Little game I made for my brother for his birthday. He doesn't usually enjoy installing apps on his iPhone, so I tested on a roommate's iPhone. The simplicity comes from the limited controls since I couldn't lock the phone on the app, and didn't want mistaken swipes to effect the browser or cause you to navigate backwards. Web overhead was the biggest issue of this. I had to strip down nearly the entire engine, do lots of compression, and memory management within pools and organization of initialization to get this to run smoothly.

Dr. Hertz's Disease Dismantler Unity C#
Won the "Most Innovative" category at the 2018 USC Global Game Jam.
Worked with a great group of people for this little weekend project. Created the game play with creation of a miniature state machine along with some basic exercises that I supported throughout the event.

Wall Breaker Pink Floyd inspired game created with a friend. Created in Unity. Project was a product of a Udemy Unity project and assignment.
This has a feature on it to compete with friends with a never ending barrage of bricks. And a unique boss level and dialog within the game. Please review the last and second to the last levels.

BreakOut Mod Download - Java
This is a game I made on my own in Java. I just wanted to make a game in base Java for a little fun. Multithreading for various roles.

Soccer Shootout A game I made on my own to add JavaScript to a website for class.
---- Note: To play this, you need to click, hold down your click, and move your mouse in a kicking motion and release. You can manually adjust the loft. but the rest determines the power and direction of the kick.
This was my first experience with JavaScript, and it took a weekend to make it. I was docked points because we weren't supposed to make a game. (I didn't know what else to do with it.)

Alien Warp - (1st collaborative game in Elementary School, early rendition ~'96 or '97) Download - QBasic
(This is the raw game that was finished in about 6th grade it is missing 2+ boss battles, dialog with animated characters, and landing scenes. In search of a ribbon connection that can read an old 80s IBM computer to recover that.
Download has both the language and the game on it.)

Please enjoy some randomness.