Michael Pelz

I am well knowleged, determined, and ever growing programmer who specializes in application and game development. I have been programming since 7 or 8 years old with QBasic making games and I still continue to enjoy making games to this day.

I learned how to program by my brother showing me a line he made in Qbasic. Then I asked how to pause it, and how to clear the screen and ended up making it move and I was hooked. I made many games in Elementry School and Middle School with Qbasic, including a chat bot, a single level platformer, multi stage and level space shooter with animation.

In HighSchool I took every programming class I could, and was given several books about the game industry in the 90s and video game trends, along with an advanced C++ book on how to make a 2d video games, and later I got the compiler and many limited versions of AutoCad and other tools. I was more ready more than ever but there were a couple set-backs including missing my ACT that kept me out of applying at FullSail, and the discouragement I got for the lack of support due to the focus of the University.

I went to Johnson County Community College and tried to figure out what I couldn't do instead. I exceled in math, and loved humanities and I took Programming Classes to boost my GPA to keep it over a 3.1, I was one of the first students to try out their JCCC Game Design class. Here was the first time I made a 3d character and scene.

I went to DeVry University. Other schools with game development courses were offering me partial scholarships and calling me on a regular basis but they also required higher speed internet than what my area offered and with a newborn kid and unwilling mother I decided to continue my studies at DeVry. I took the highest level of gaming major they offered for my area, this was a minor in "Online Game Development." I went to college while raising my daughter and working full time for all but the last year with no exceptions on my work and graduated skimming by with the minimum online partisipation requirement thanks to some friendly neighbors with easy wifi passwords.
(Some of which were very stubborn and kept kicking me off of their network and changing their password.)

After that I had mentioned my games in several interviews, and after so much interest I added my game projects to my resume and I couldn't get an interview and was asked to remove it and not mention it. It became my guilty pleasure, I made a couple games and kept tweeking the games I had already made in my free time while raising my daughter and working overtime from time to time. I wasn't able to find people to work on a game with me except for a couple people. But sadly with everyone else changing jobs and everyone's life getting in the way we weren't able to complete anything.

Now I am on my way to a different city to see if I can try to get into the industry that I grew up and still strive to be in.